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While the focus of this blog is on small-scale New Jersey farming and related issues, we’ve never lost sight of the bigger picture around local and regional food systems and Red Bank’s Cheese Cave is a mighty fine addition to central New Jersey and New Jersey Shore food culture and systems. Friends of ours hosted a cheese and wine tasting over the weekend and Steve Catania, the Cheese Cave’s owner, brought his wares and did not disappoint.

Serving up seven cheeses to complement the thirty wines our good friends graciously purchased and provided, Steve provided a history of the different cheeses and served up a quick tip on pairing wine and cheese:

“If it grows together, it goes together”

meaning that a Spanish goat cheese for instance, would go quite well with a Spanish White or a Fromage de Meaux goes well with an Alsatian White. And of course, a nice Port goes quite well with Stilton.

Steve also emphasized the differences between farmstead and artisan cheeses, farmstead cheeses being made and processed entirely on a specific farm where the animals are raised and milked, and artisan cheeses which are made by hand and usually ripened or aged in localized cheese caves near the farm or cheesemaker.

The Cheese Cave is also an active participant in the local community and community events. This event was held at our friend’s beautiful apartment in downtown Red Bank. And every Friday The Cheese Cave offers a cheese tasting from 5pm -8pm for $5 on their premises at 14 Monmouth Street. You can bring your own wine and they even provide the glasses. It’s a great pre-dinner or pre-movie event and a wonderful place to gather after getting off the train at the end of a long week.

During last July 4th’s Kaboom Fest, the Cheese Cave even offered to go boxes of cheese for picnics which you could take down with you to the river bank for a picnic while enjoying the fireworks.

The Cheese Cave
14 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ, 07701


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Via Woodbridge Patch: Middlesex Farmers Win Statewide Excellence Awards

Nice pickup for farmers from one of New Jersey’s most crowded counties. I’m a big fan of Hauser Farms who serve the Red Bank Farmers Market every year. The same family has farmed the same land in Old Bridge for over 125 years.

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