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This is Minneapolis, not New Jersey, but my good friend Sarah Burt is introducing the Scandinavian Midwest to some real, good down-home Italian cooking. Having sampled some of her amazing cooking before she went professional, I can tell even from a distance that this is going to be good.

So if you’re in Minneapolis, check out Saucy Burt’s Meatball Cart at the corner of 5th and Nicollett near the Light Rail Station.


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Looking to make a quick and yummy lunch yesterday, I put together some odds and ends from the previous week’s visit to the Red Bank Farmers Market.

I had leftover eggplant twists, sun dried tomatoes and marinated red peppers from my favorite (unnamed vendor) who dishes it up at both the Red Bank and West End Farmers markets.

So….I put it all in a saute pan, and reduced it. Added some garlic and over decanted Red Wine that’s turned into a cooking potion, rather than an after work treat, and simmered for 15 minutes.

Added leftover linguini from the fridge to the sauce/veggies and Yum!

Major treat for my taste buds on a lovely summer afternoon.

Farmers Markets, Odds and Ends from the Kitchen and the New Jersey Shore. What could be better?

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Cash prizes to New Jersey/NYC/Philly area stores with the best NJ Peach Display this summer. Displays must run for at least two weeks between July 25th and August 31st and must be promoted with an ad or a display in a store circular.

More Info Here

H/T to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s Social Media initiatives

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Stumbled into this story over the weekend while covering KaboomFest! for Red Bank Patch:

The Cheese Cave Prepares for KaboomFest!

The Cheese Cave is a newer local business on Monmouth Street, Red Bank’s cultural center. The owner Stephen Catania is extremely knowledgeable and stocks a wide variety of sheep, cow and goat cheeses, including some nice raw milk varieties.

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