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Via La Vida Locavore.

Great roundup. Pay particular attention to the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. It could put a heavy burden on small growers and producers.

The Obama administration is already showing a predilection towards scale-based industries — Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Auto Makers — so it should come as no surprise that food safety reform may actually end up favoring scale-based organizations with the administrative and technology infrastructure (or the capital to rapidly build or expand said infrastructure) over smaller local farmers, markets, stores, and production facilities.


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Great story on local stores in South Jersey from the Atlantic City Press: Smaller local stores try to keep buyers away from big-chain discounters

H/T Blue Jersey

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Help preserve farmland and open space and keep our air and water clean!

NJ’s Keep it Green Coalition of statewide, local and regional partners has more: Keep NJ Green!

Keep it Green’s Partners are Here.

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